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Remnants of the Fall runs the gamut of the musical spectrum. From the pop perfection of “Over You” to the emotional “Virtual Waiting Room.” This is one album that can easily appeal to the masses. Jen's voice can handle just about any song that is handed to her. Whether you are young or old, Jen Stackpole will be a treat for your ears. (Rated 5 stars out of 5) ”

— Andrea Guy (National Music Critic - Charleroi, PA)

Jen is a terrific singer, writer and performer. Check out her website and listen to her songs I am sure you will agree!”

Mitch Meyerson - Author of 11 business books. Co-Founder of 4 Online Programs (

Jen is an absolute joy to work with!! She has a tremendous talent and being a part of her music was not only an inspiration but an honor.”

Ramsees Mechan - Entrepreneur - Connoisseur of Sound - Nerd - Production - Recording/Mixing Engineer -

From performing backing vocals on the albums of others to a series of her own independent releases, singer/songwriter Jen Stackpole has put her excellent voice to good use in her time in the music industry. Her ambitions led her to in 2012, releasing a double album; Remnants of the Fall. The collection starts off with the pop piece of “Just A Girl.” Stackpole sings of a desire to be successful and famous while just trying to be herself. The acoustic backed verses lead into a more energetic and edgier chorus, giving the song both a sweet sincerity and driving determination. Think of it as Alanis Morissette with more pop and less anger.”

— Heath Andrews (National Music Critic - Rome, NY)

Jen Stackpole's talent is matched only by her unending creativity. Her music consistently moves people and enlightens the souls of those who take the opportunity to listen. I have had the privilege of not only singing her music, but also being part of her musical creative process, and it is an experience like no other! Thank you Jen for blessing the world with your talent and for continuing to give so much heart, soul, and love to the world!! Amazing musician and wonderful woman! ”

— Robert E Whitaker - Singer/Entertainer/Performer - Walt Disney Entertainment, FL

Jen is a talented singer/songwriter and I have enjoyed working with her over the last few years. I highly recommend her most recent cd, 'Remnants of the Fall'! Had fun playing on that record with her.”

John Babcock - Entertainment Professional

Jen Stackpole’s double-disc, twenty-six-song release, Remnants of the Fall. brings together original tunes and classic hits, with vocals ranging from Susan Aglukark to Dala Girls. There is also a gospel element that pervades some of the tunes, but that does not diminish the final product. Jen’s vocals are quite strong; yet delicate. Nothing is amiss, as Jen formulates an incredible double-disc release. Fans of pop-rock, gospel, and folk-rock will be most impressed. Moreover, fans of Natalie Merchant, Susan Aglukark, and Dala Girls will love it! – (5 Stars out of 5!)”

— Matthew Forss (National Music Critic - Omro, WI)

I met Jen at the 2007 "I Create Music Expo" in LA. Through our mutual connections we ended up gigging together at the famed Highlands club in Hollywood. She has an excellent ear and a wonderful voice. And her song writing is terrific. She is a real team player and is a pleasure to work with.”

James Bazen - Music Director at Epworth United Methodist Church

Jen is a Great Musician,songwriter and vocalist.She is VERY talented and most of all a great person!!!!!”

Frank Vardaros - Artist Manager/Talent Buyer/Trumpet Player