Please meet my good friend - and AMAZING musician - Ron...

Please meet my good friend - and AMAZING musician - Ron Valenzia!!! :-) As I write this, Ron is getting ready to travel down here - all the way from Maryland!!! - to play guitar in the concert this upcoming weekend!! In addition to being able to play just about every instrument, Ron also sings, writes GREAT songs and is in a fantastic band called, Breaking 12! (Check them out here:
Aaaaand, in addition to all of that, he is a heck of a nice guy and has a great sense of humor!
I am SO blessed that he agreed to be a part of this concert and we all can’t wait for him to get here! You will get to see and hear Ron play the acoustic guitar in the concert on Saturday!
You can still get your tickets here:

Thanks so much!! See you THIS Saturday, October 1st at 8pm!! :-) #music

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