Happy Thursday everybody!! It’s time to start meeting all...

Happy Thursday everybody!! It’s time to start meeting all the incredible people you are going to get to see onstage with me Saturday, October 1st!
1st up - Johnny Snags Norton!! I have been friends with Johnny for well over 10 years now. 😊 I met him when he was playing with Tusker Rock at Raglan Road (at what was called Downtown Disney at the time). We’ve been good friends ever since and I’m so excited that we’re finally getting to perform together! 😃🎤 Johnny played all different types of amazing percussion on this new album, as well as guitar AND he sang some killer backing vocals for me as well!
Johnny also used to tour around the world with “Riverdance”! Not only is he an incredible talent, he is also tons of fun AND great to work with!! Come see Johnny keeping us all in time on Saturday, October 1st at the Community Building in Mount Dora, FL!! Concert starts at 8pm and you can get your tickets here:

#singerlife http://ift.tt/2d1b1x6

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