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“I write music from the heart, for the heart.”

Every budding artist, from the adolescent taking the stage at her first talent show to the seasoned Nashville veteran who’s still working their way up the food chain, gigging at bar after bar, dreams of making it. For some, that dream is to simply make it through the song and for others it culminates in being handed a shiny golden award that speaks of the respect of one’s peers and the industry at large. Yet, for others like rising artist Jen Stackpole, that goal reaches even further, past the moment and past even the music itself to its impact upon the listener.

“My goal is to move and change the world through the songs I write and the albums I record,” shares the buoyant Stackpole. “I want my music to be timeless and I want it to uplift, inspire, and help people heal across the globe. ‘Making it,’ to me, means that I know I have made a difference in the lives of many different people, through my music.”

Both the music and that mentality are things that Stackpole gives her parents credit for, growing up in a loving home with music and the results of its power always around.

“My dad was a musician/composer/singer and my mom sang as well, so there was always some type of music being played in my house. Everything from Broadway to The Beatles, Mozart to Billy Joel, Motown to Disco, and everything in between. I was surrounded by music nearly all the time and this has had a huge impact on me and on the music I now write and record.”

Piano lessons would follow alongside the artist’s already growing singing voice and songwriting skills, alongside a work ethic to always give her all, and before long, after a stuttered attempt at Criminal Justice in college, she would switch majors and graduate Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA with a Bachelor’s degree in Music, with a concentration on Voice.

Building on the foundation developed there, Stackpole’s journey and talent would allow her the opportunity to work with a number of established talents such as Rob Peck (Sister Hazel), Tommy Kerr (Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show), Johnny 'Snags' Norton (original and touring casts/recordings of 'Riverdance'), Declan Masterson (Musical Director - 'Riverdance'), Jimi Pappas (BeatleBeat, British Invasion, Jim Morris and the Big Bamboo Band), and many more. It also opened the door to recording and the artist has thus far logged four well-received albums under her belt, featuring both covers and original material that draw from Adult Contemporary sounds while incorporating inspirational and spiritual elements.

Often compared to artists such as Alanis Morissette, Karen Carpenter, and Fiona Apple, Stackpole’s latest work, Remnants of the Fall, stands as her most personal and honest work. Taking over four and a half years to complete, it features songs like “Can’t Let Go,” written to help recover from the loss of some dear loved ones as well as the encouraging “Keep Them Safe,” a prayer for soldiers around the world to be returned safe and sound to their families, another experience Stackpole has lived through.

Stackpole’s recording process reflects her view on life, one of shared and equal opportunity and care.

“My open-mindedness allows for others who are involved in playing and recording on my songs/albums to be completely creative and bring their own talents and personalities to the music,” shares Stackpole. “My music writing (and recording) style allows for a lot of collaborative creativity. I want my fellow musicians to bring their ideas to my songs, sessions, and live performances. As a result, my music is better because of the musicians I surround myself with. And, because of the way I work, write, and produce, those same musicians are able to come in and express themselves freely, knowing that their ideas will be celebrated and encouraged.”

That’s what the music of Jen Stackpole is all about, bringing hope and joy to the world, regardless of background, religion, race, sex, or belief.

The artist says it best herself: “I just want people to feel loved and valued.”

And now Jen extends that same invitation of love to you.